1. Take a power pose. Think Superman or Wonder Woman. Standing in that kind of power pose for two minutes increases your testosterone levels (for men and women) and reduces your cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone. That means you will feel more confident and less anxious, in just two minutes!
  2. Breathe. The more deeply and slowly you breathe, the more relaxed your body will become. Take a deep breath in through your nose, for a count of three. Feel your belly move outward, as you pull the air down into the bottom of your lungs. Hold your breath for one count, and then slowly release the air through your mouth for a count of five. Repeat this five times. Try doing it several times throughout the day, and you will feel your stress levels decreasing.
  3. Shift your focus. The brain and the body are completely connected. Whatever your brain is thinking, your body is feeling. But here’s the thing, your brain can only hold one thought at a time; so when you have a stressful thought, simply shift your focus to another thought, and you will find yourself feeling less stressed. An easy way to do that, is to simply notice the things around you. That’s a yellow sticky note. There’s a red binder. I see white paper. That’s a green carpet, and so on.

Try combining two or three of these things together for a stress reducing power punch!